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Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group Salmon Center 2014-2015 Annual Report [New]
Check out what has been happening in the past year at the Salmon Center. (Or Salmon Enhancement Group, or whatever they're called...) 
Nonprofit boards
How to Steal from a Nonprofit: Who Does It and How to Prevent It [New]
by Janet Greenlee, Mary Fischer, Teresa Gordon, and
Is it easier to steal from a nonprofit organization than from a business? That's what some researchers have speculated, arguing that an atmosphere of trust, the difficulty in verifying certain revenue streams, weaker internal controls, a lack of business and financial expertise, and a reliance on volunteer boards all contribute to increased nonprofit vulnerability. Much of the burden for detecting fraud falls on informal systems that form the core of organizations' operations. There are some questions that organizations should ask themselves: What is our organization's approach to transparency, and is there an open door for whistle-blowers? Is there a culture of asking questions and rewarding people for having asked them? Is the board and executive leadership engaged in a way that ensures that difficult questions are asked before fraud surfaces on its own? For organizations that do not conduct an audit, are policies in place to ensure good accountability?  0712-how To Steal From A Nonprofit 
Between a board and a hard place: Volunteer directors, not paid staff, face the ultimate responsibility [New]
Board members are [ultimately responsible]. And, often, they have no idea of the pressures, fiscal and personal, and the responsibilities involved in nonprofit management. They even can be held personally liable for paying thousands of dollars in back payroll taxes, should things go awry.

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