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Freedom Foundation...because freedom matters[New] – The Freedom Foundationís mission is to advance individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited, accountable government. We envision a day when opportunity, responsible self-governance and free markets flourish in Washington State because its citizens understand and cherish the principles from which freedom is derived.
Our mission springs from our firm belief in three fundamental principles.
Liberty: The foundations of a free society are human liberty and personal responsibility. To sustain liberty, the people must choose to understand it, recognize threats to it and protect it.
Free Enterprise: Human needs are best met in a competitive marketplace where creativity is unleashed, property rights are protected and contracts are enforced.
Accountable Government: Human liberty and free enterprise can be sustained only when governmentís power is limited to its constitutionally defined role and is accountable to the people it serves.
Key Peninsula News[New] – Community newspaper serving Key Peninsula residents.
Kitsap Sun[New]
Mason Web TV[New] – .
Port Orchard Independent[New] – Twice-weekly community newspaper
Shelton-Mason County Journal[New] – Weekly newspaper published in Shelton, Washington.
Tacoma's News Tribune[New]Local search: If itís local, weíll find it. Search for anything South Sound with our new local search engine
Timberland Regional Library[New]
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